Camo King and HIM Titanium for Men Tanning Lotions

At BodyBing Tanning we cater to both genders and some tanning lotions are formulated just for men to make it easier to pick out a nice smelling lotion. We carry the two best tanning lotion for men from Devoted Creations called Camo King and H.I.M. Titanium Bronzer. Both have a pleasant cologne type smell while […]

Pauly D – Sexy Unveiled, let your sexy out!

Pauly D’s new lotion is sexy and now unveiled. Unveil your sexiness today with this advanced bronzing lotion. Get it at BodyBing Tanning today!. Let your body do the talking with the most seductive body potion ever created. Infused with a sexy secret weapon–a powerful pheromone appeal designed to make you irresistible. This Ultra sleek […]

Pauly D’s Sexy Swagg Lotion – Yeaaa Buddy!

Yeaaaa Buddy! A mid season release from Devoted Creations and Pauly D bring you a new seductively sexy black bronzer. Intoxicatingly Sexy. Bathe your skin in the silkiest, softest tanning créme, and give your body the attention its been craving. Enriched with a luxurious toning, tightening and Tattoo Fade Protecting formula, Pauly D’s Sexy Swagg™ will be […]

smile youre dark

Smile! You’re Dark. – Consumer favorite

Smile! You’re Dark! Here at BodyBing Tanning, we can hardly keep this lotion on our shelves. For the suggested retail price of $36 it is a favorite among seasonal and avid tanners. It’s an accelerator to keep the tan producing well after you jump out of one of our tanning beds along with some added […]