Devoted Creations

NEW LEVEL 3 Coming Soon!!

COMING SOON!!!!! We are hoping to have this ready and going right after Labor Day at the latest! Stay tuned for updates!!! Finally our LEVEL 3 Stand up (Sundome) will have some company. A new lay down 40 lamp Sundash Ergoline 240G unit immediately captivates you by its deep-dish wide-body surface, which encircles you while […]

red light and uv bed

Red Light Tanning the future of sunbeds?

It’s possible! Though traditional UV sunbeds are still the #1 service in the tanning industry, we actually have true red light tanning in our very own store at BodyBing Tanning! Our rejUVe mix aka The Red Bed has become quite popular over the past few months. Red Light Tanning combines UVB/UVA light spectrum with the […]


Camo Queen and Camo King

2014’s Best selling lotion from Devoted Creations are sold here at BodyBing Tanning! Come into our store and get a bottle today. These contain:   Dark DHA, natural and cosmetic bronzers provide instant and time released color to the skin Provides anti-aging and skin firming benefits with revita fit, body fit and advanced matrixyl synthe […]