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NEW LEVEL 3 Coming Soon!!

COMING SOON!!!!! We are hoping to have this ready and going right after Labor Day at the latest! Stay tuned for updates!!! Finally our LEVEL 3 Stand up (Sundome) will have some company. A new lay down 40 lamp Sundash Ergoline 240G unit immediately captivates you by its deep-dish wide-body surface, which encircles you while […]

Come in and experience “The Bing”

  Thank you for stopping in to our website! Browse around to get a feel of BodyBing Tanning. We offer 5 levels of tanning from lower level, VHR to High Pressure units. Come in and check them out, let us help you achieve the color you want and pick out a lotion to further get […]

Honey Face Facts – Tanning Lotion for your face!

A new face tanning lotion has made it’s way to BodyBing Tanning called “Honey Face Facts”. We love this lotion mostly because it is a hypoallergenic and fragrance free dark tanning lotion. Just that simple, plus it comes in a squeeze bottle with a pump attached….perfect! Naturally Dark Hypoallergenic Facial Tanner Natural melanin enhancers prepare […]