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$15 Pura Sunless Spray Tans EVERY Tuesday…..

THE BIG NEWS IS THAT PURA SUNLESS SPRAY TANS WILL BE $15 EVERY TUESDAY! Spray tans from our Pura Sunless booth will be $15 on Tuesdays only. (For the rest of 2017) You will be able to choose our light or medium option. An upgrade charge will be applied if you would like our Dark, […]

Introducing Bath + Body SOAK Products by BodyBing.

When you walk into our lobby you will smell the wonderful scents from our new Bath + Body SOAK Products!! Just drop SOAK’s bath bombs in the tub after you’ve run the hot water, slip inside and relax with the aroma of essential oils. Light up some candles even. Relax. Soak. We offer a great […]

Introducing 3X Dark from Pura Sunless!

Take your sunless shade to a new level! LOOKS AMAZING DOESN’T IT?!? Our 3X DARK upgrade is perfect if you get sprayed earlier in the week and still want it to stand strong during the weekend! Or if you think double dark wasn’t dark enough for you. You will love the 3X DARK upgrade!  (Available […]