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Camo King and HIM Titanium for Men Tanning Lotions

At BodyBing Tanning we cater to both genders and some tanning lotions are formulated just for men to make it easier to pick out a nice smelling lotion. We carry the two best tanning lotion for men from Devoted Creations called Camo King and H.I.M. Titanium Bronzer. Both have a pleasant cologne type smell while […]

Come in and experience “The Bing”

  Thank you for stopping in to our website! Browse around to get a feel of BodyBing Tanning. We offer 5 levels of tanning from lower level, VHR to High Pressure units. Come in and check them out, let us help you achieve the color you want and pick out a lotion to further get […]

Our new SunDome XL48

So we have finally added a new machine to our entourage! Meet the SunDome XL48! For a maximum of 10 minutes you will receive an all around bronze tan at its finest form with this VHR (Very High Reflector) unit. The dressing room is a lot bigger than our DUE package and also equipped with […]