Berry Beautiful from the Swedish Beauty Botanica line

We have a great new lotion with Superior long lasting Dark Tanning Bronzer and BioBronze Blend. Plus it smells DELICIOUS!

Quench your skin with this antioxidant rich bronzer with natural bronzers for instant dark, color. Rejuvenate, refresh and renew your skin with the power of berries!  Paired with long lasting natural bronzers, skin will look berry radiant and berry bronze.

  • Natural Bronzers: Powerful combination of immediate bronzers for dark color
  • BioBronze™ Blend: Natural melanin enhancers prepare skin for dark color
  • Fruit Cocktail: Powerful combination of age fighting berries that work to even skin tone
  • Eco-Trio™ Tanning Blend: Vitamin E  and Olive Oil plus Aloe help protect against future signs of aging

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