FREE SPRAY DAY! This Wednesday, Nov. 8th!











This is a first come, first serve event starting at 9:00am with no appointment neccessary.

If you haven’t tried out our Pura Sunless spray booth, this will be the day you won’t want to miss!!!
Try out a light spray at no charge along with our PH Balance prep. Looking for something a little darker? It’s only $5 more! Want a moisturizer, double dark option or our new 3X Dark? Those will also be available as an upgrade.
Other goodies and offers will be present so grab some friends and make it a spray day outing!

This will be the only time you can try out Pura Sunless this low of a price…you can’t beat it, plus look fabulous for the weekend!

Before coming in make sure you are showered, shaved, exfoliated and no moisturizers or other agents that could potentially block the development of the tan.

*We are also starting an hour early at 9:00am with this event and taking the last people through the door at 7:30pm to try and get everyone tanned by 9pm.

Everyone is welcome regardless if you are a current or new client. 🙂

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