Get Burn Relief with Total Insurance – Total Relief Gel



Total Relief Insurance Gel


It’s the same relief gel in a new convenient bottle! Are you not in Michigan?? Call us to order over the phone 586-884-6020 .

How has your summer or vacation been so far? Outside too long? Forgot to re-apply SPF? Went a minute too long in the tanning bed?

At BodyBing Tanning we have California Tan’s “Total Relief Gel” (formally Total Insurance). This is probably the best of its kind out there and no wonder why California Tan has had this product for years.


  • Cools and relieves over-exposed skin
  • Calms and soothes skin irritation caused by Hot Action products
  • Prevents peeling and promotes healing
  • Provides essential moisturization and revitalizing nutrients


Special blend formulated for sunburn relief with outstanding cooling effect.

Include Aloe Vera, Calendula Extract and Cucumber Extract.

6oz bottle


Come in today and grab a bottle before you hit the beach, go up north or on vacation!

Are you not in Michigan?? Call us to order over the phone 586-884-6020.

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