Red Light Tanning the future of sunbeds?

It’s possible! Though traditional UV sunbeds are still the #1 service in the tanning industry, we actually have true red light tanning in our very own store at BodyBing Tanning! Our rejUVe mix aka The Red Bed has become quite popular over the past few months. Red Light Tanning combines UVB/UVA light spectrum with the Red Light spectrum. Which can provide increased blood flow in the skin to boost collagen, vitamin D levels and provide a nice tan.

You can read this article here from The Tanning Guru about a salon in Moscow and it completely explains what we offer. Just one 10 minute session a week after building your base will increase your vitamin D levels and smoother skin.

If you plan to use this bed regularly come in today and we can set you up with the best program to fit you. If you have a package with us in level 2,3,4 or 5 this is also a part of your package!

To increase collagen stimulation and maximize your UV session, Devoted Creations Collagenetics 2-in-1 is the perfect lotion to compliment this bed.

Collagenetics 2 in 1

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