RejUVe Mix bed combines red light and UV

red light and uv bed

In the past few weeks we have slowly introduced an added service to people and had them try our new rejUVe mix bed. A visionary new innovation: thanks to a revolutionary new technology, the lamps in this bed combine UVA & UVB light with the benefits of the visible light spectrum (also known as red light therapy) which helps increase blood flow in the skin and build collagen.

As a bonus, it leaves you smooth, silky skin with a deep bronzing effect.


Consult with one of our staff members to find out what regimen best works for you.


Plus we have the perfect lotion to compliment the use of the RejUVe Mix which is Devoted Creations 2-in-1 Collagenetics lotion. Collagen boosting aid and tanning maximizer to help accelerate your tan!

collagen boosting


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