Pura Sunless Spray Tan Booth

The Pura Sunless booth is the most advanced spray tan machine for the ultimate sunless experience! It is the closest spray to a custom airbrush and is available here in Shelby Township, Macomb Township and serving the surrounding areas.

Walk-ins welcome! No appointment needed!

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pura sunless

In just 4 minutes you will achieve the greatest sunless tan any booth can offer. This includes a PH prep spray, your desired solution and moisturizer spray (if you add it on) to lock it all in!


trinity mist spray

The Trinity Mist System provided by Pura, is designed to deliver uncompromised solution onto the body.  It features three spray heads that are strategically placed to do just that. The spray heads do not interrupt each other and they facilitate better atomization and delivery onto the body. Plus, the comfort drying air is placed and aimed to perfectly complement the entire process.


pura sunless

Two positions: Face Forward, Turn around.

There’s no sense in making you bend over backwards to get the tan you want. That’s why the Pura Sunless experience delivers optimum coverage with optimum comfort. The enhanced design of our spray application and air handling systems allow for forward and rear-facing positions, thus reducing movement by 50% less compared to that of our competitors.  With our easy-to-understand foot location indicators and voice prompts, the hardest thing you’ll have to do is decide on how tan you want to be.

Come in today and experience YOUR sunless best!



F.A.Q. – Common Sunless Questions

1.Q: How long will my tan last?
A: Results may vary, but generally a sunless tan will last between 4-10 days. This depends on your skin type, how quickly your body naturally sheds its skin cells, and how you care for it.

2.Q: Will I turn orange or get too dark?
A: No. You will not turn orange or get too dark. Our products are uniquely formulated to work with your natural skin tone so your tan develops to match that of a natural tan.

3.Q: Will my tan be uneven or blotchy?
A: No. As long as you properly follow our simple before and after instructions, then your tan will come out flawless.

4.Q: Can I get a spray tan during pregnancy?
A: Yes. All of our ingredients have no known toxicity. Sunless tans only work upon the uppermost layers of the skin and cannot get into the bloodstream from normal application; however, be aware that hormonal changes during pregnancy may affect the development of the tan. Do not apply to the breast area if breastfeeding.

5. Please read this article on spray tans and your menstrual cycle, CLICK HERE.

6.Q: My spray tans are usually fabulous but the last one was blotchy even though I exfoliated and did not apply moisturizer. What went wrong?

A: The way your spray tan develops is influenced by the pH balance of your skin, which in turn, is influenced by many factors. Certain foods such as sardines can affect the pH balance of your skin, as can the ‘time of month’ and certain medications (particularly antidepressants). This pH imbalance affects the way in which the DHA reacts with your skin and for no apparent reason you can get a dodgy tan. Have you used a product containing AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids)? An anti aging chemical can ruin your tan.



Make sure you are showered, exfoliated, no make up, no moisturizers and wear loose clothing.



You can keep this solution on from 6 to 8 hours; 8 hours is recommended, beyond 10 hours is not recommended. At minimum people have achieved results in 4 hours but that is at your own risk.

Your first shower rinse:  make sure to shower with warm water and do not use soap or a loofah. Please note:  you are essentially washing off the cosmetic bronzer from your body so don’t be alarmed.  Moisturize immediately after your first shower for a long-lasting glow.

Your tan will continue to develop for about another 12 to 24 hours to its peak color.



Make sure to moisturize after every shower while your sunless tan is thriving.  This will keep the tan lasting longer, up to 4-10 days, and will fade naturally.

We carry tan extenders to help achieve this, so make sure to ask our staff as we offer a few other sunless products to keep up with your color maintenance.


Check out some of the Pura Sunless spray tan results below, 24 hours after ranging from Light to 3X Dark.


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