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Our Sun Spa Experience: Your BodyBing Escape Awaits!

At BodyBing Tanning, we may be small, but our passion for tanning and wellness services is immense. Through the evolution of our offerings, we've expanded beyond traditional tanning to include light therapy, with a mission to enhance your wellbeing. Our array of services, whether UV-based, red light, or wellness-based, are meticulously curated to boost your mood, promote healing, and provide a refreshing experience. We pride ourselves on our innovative spirit, being the first in our area to introduce Hybrid Red Light tanning lamps, the All LED Red Light Therapy bed, and the Spa Cocoon Wellness pod. Our commitment lies in staying ahead of the curve, always striving to bring the best to you.


BodyBing Tanning sets the highest standards for quality, performance, cleanliness and Hybrid Red Light/UV technology. Fun Fact: Our Shelby Twp. location was the first in our area to introduce the Hybrid UV/Red Light back in 2016 with 1 single bed. Now each salon has at least 5 units with Red Light Therapy mixed in with UV tanning.


Our Pura Sunless Spray Booth 

  • No appointment needed

  • Only requires 2 positions (Face Forward, Turn around)

  • Takes only 4 minutes

  • Uses a Trinity Mist System strategically placed for best coverage

  • PH Prep spray included

  • Choose from light, medium, dark, double dark and 3X dark

  • Color options include Bronze (goes on Clear) or Euro Bronze (visible/more instant)


Experience the cutting-edge of wellness at BodyBing Tanning, the pioneering salon in Shelby Twp and neighboring regions to offer LED Red Light Therapy. Immerse your entire body in the glow of 8000 LED's, a completely comfortable process due to our bed's innovative no-heat design. The potential benefits are transformative: imagine diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, stimulating collagen and elastin production, and enhancing blood flow, among others. Additionally, our Spa Cocoon Wellness Pod is a holistic encounter like no other. This exceptional fusion of thermal energy with an invigorating massage offers relaxation, rejuvenation, and effective weight management. All these potential wellness benefits are yours to enjoy with our All Inclusive Plan. Join us at BodyBing Tanning and revolutionize your wellness journey.


BodyBing Tanning is a full-service tanning salon serving Shelby Twp. and Macomb Twp. surrounding areas.
We offer UV tanning services, Pura Sunless Spray Tan booth, LED Red Light Therapy and our SPA Cocoon Wellness Pod (walk-ins welcome).
Hand-held Custom Airbrush Tanning is also available at our Hayes location only (call today for an appointment). 
Then grab some of the best tanning lotions from Devoted Creations to maximize your color and tanning experience.
Make Your Color Pop with our Sun, Spray, Spa!


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Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday 10am-9pm
Friday 10am-8pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 12pm-4pm
Our Locations

50961 Hayes Rd
Shelby Township, MI 48315
(Southwest corner of 23 mile + Hayes)

NEW - Troy location!
1073 E Long Lake Rd. Troy, MI 48085
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1073 E Long Lake Rd. Troy, MI 48085